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Online Quran Academy offers one of the most effective online Quran teaching websites, through its interactive digital environment. You & your family can Read and Memorize Quran from the comfort of your home. QuranTutors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One-to-One Classes

Online Quran classes system at Online Quran Academy comprises of a single Quran teacher giving Quran lessons to a single student thus ensuring devoted attention for better Quran learning. In One-to-One Quran classes system every family member get his proper time for study with Quran teacher.

We Offer Free Trial Classes

At Online Quran Academy, we have experience of many years of Quran teaching online with devotion; and intention of seeking the cause of Allah. We are offering free trial Quran classes online anytime. Register for online Skype Quran Classes.

Female Tutors

Online Quran Academy has We have experienced Female Quran Tutors at our academy for sisters who are comfortable with learning from females only

Multilingual Teachers

The Online Quran Academy has professional teachers who can communicate in Arabic, English and Urdu fluently, making sure that the communication and learning is effective. effectively when taking Quran classes.

Anywhere, Any Device

For your convenience, now you can Learn Quran anywhere, any time, on any device. Take your Quran class on PC, iPhone or any android device at the time of your convenience.

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Tajweed O Qirat Classes

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One-on-One Classes

The live Quran classes system at Quran4u comprises of a single teacher giving Quran lessons to a single student thus ensuring devoted attention for better learning.

Flexible Timings

The class timings at Quran4u are extremely flexible and the students can schedule the classes according to their convenience.

Interactive Classes

With all the video streaming, whiteboard, screen sharing, software use, and multi-way audio, Quran4u ensures that the Quran learning process is as interactive as possible.

Female Tutors

Quran4u has trained female teachers who are available for students who feel comfortable with female teachers for Quran learning.

Device Convenience

At Quran4u now you can take the Quran learning lessons on PC, tablet or any android device, thus making it easy for you to learn Quran anywhere anytime..

Multilingual Teachers

The Quran tutors at Quran4u have a good grasp over English, Arabic and Urdu thus enabling them to communicate effectively when taking classes.

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